Christmas Corporate Function MC – only in Australia?

I love Australia.  I love our culture, our way of life and most of all our humour.  Here is one example of why I love Australia.

Recently I had the pleasure in photographing a very large Christmas corporate function in Sydney, for over 700 people.  The master of ceremonies was one of my favourite Australian comedians, Paul McDermott from the current TV show ‘Good news week’.

It was rather difficult trying to remain professional while Paul was on stage.  The temptation to just ‘crack up’ and roll around laughing, made my photographic job interesting.

Towards the end of the Christmas corporate function, Paul came back to the stage (after lunch) with a Christmas cracker hat on his head.  It was at this point I thought to myself  “only in Australia would you find a MC at a corporate function wearing a Christmas cracker hat”.

I love your work Paul!


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