Photographing Ghosts at Sydney Town Hall

Arriving very early for my corporate photography job at the Sydney Town Hall, I took some time to wonder around the venue.

Noticing the photographic camera gear hanging over my shoulders, one of the Sydney Town Hall staff asked “as a photographer, are you of the opinion that there are ghosts in the lifts?”  “Sorry” is all I could manage to reply, as I was certain I couldn’t have heard correctly.

The man repeated himself as four other staff members joined our conversation.  Apparently there have been professional photographers who have previously taken images in the Sydney Town Hall lifts, only to discover ‘strange’ unexplained lights on their photographs.

I couldn’t help myself and hence headed off to investigate – not sure if it was because I wanted to know why professional photographers would be photographing in the lifts or because of the warning given “you will be freaked out if you go in the lifts”.

In hindsight, it is interesting that it wasn’t until I found myself inside the lift and taking the photograph that it occurred to me this could be a practical joke; played out on every unexpecting professional photographer who was unfortunate enough to be working that night.

With that thought I warned the Porter who showed me into the lift “you hold the door open for me while I take this photograph…………..if this door closes I will scream very loudly”.  Yes I was a little freaked out by all their talk of ghosts (I really am very chicken).

Were there ghosts in the lifts?  Well apart from freaking myself out, I didn’t see anything unusual and my photograph didn’t appear odd.  However I am happy to leave the judgment to you.

Below is that ‘Sydney Town Hall lift’ photograph.  Also included are Sydney Town Hall Venue layout images, captured from the corporate function (which is why I was there in the first place and not to ghost hunt).

To finish, I wanted to say that from a photographer’s point of view, this venue is gorgeous for photography.  If you are organising a large corporate function or wedding, I recommend you take a look at the Sydney Town Hall (and say hello to the ghost in the lift for me).


8 Comments on “Photographing Ghosts at Sydney Town Hall

  1. How can you be a chicken? you know karate. You could have shown any ghost a thing or 2!
    You get all the exciting stuff!


  2. Di it is interesting that in some ways I am very brave but when it comes to ghosts, sorry I am chicken.

    This was a fun job. It is always interesting chatting with the security, porters and waiters. You just never know what they will tell you.


    • Ha ha! Remember the ‘orbs photos with Kody B’ at the Gold Coast TER Sarhn … energy/orbs … its all the same mysterious stuff I reckon!
      Love your use of technology btw!


  3. Hi Spida,

    Really funny to hear from you in regards to this post (yes I know who you are). I was actually thinking of you and your Indian ‘orb’ photo when I wrote this post. Had a little smile on my face as I wrote these words.

    It is good to hear from you. 🙂


    • Ha Ha! I thought you would have the ‘orb incident’ on your mind when you blogged the ghost tales.

      Don’t know how/where this blog of yours picked up my spida alias from, but it certainly drew me into your web Sarhn! Did you know they do ‘ghost tours’ up this way in Maryborough’s old heritage area? They are very popular & often include ghosts in appropriate attire!

      We did up an ‘orb’ card & sent it to Kody, but no reaction from him!


  4. Hi Spida,

    There are ghost tours all over Sydney too but I have never been brave enough to attend.

    Hope you are well Spida and thanks for your input – always valued!


  5. After performing in the town hall many times day and night time as well as working as a techie in the main hall i can agree with you that it is a magical and beautiful venue. I think the town hall has ghosts in some form or another in many of the old parts of the building.


  6. Hi Michael,

    Wow – wondering if we have ever crossed paths i.e. working in similar industries. I couldn’t agree more ‘it is a magical and beautiful venue’. There is ‘something’ about this venue that I find hard to articulate – for now magical is the best way to describe it. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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