Meet The ‘Natural Forests’ Landscape Photographers

Last night I attended and photographed the opening night of the photographic exhibition, ‘Natural Forests’ at the Meyer Gallery in Darlinghurst.

The exhibition was the brainchild of Australia’s ‘Golden Girl’ of fashion design, Prue Acton.  Being a life long native forest defender, Prue envisaged showcasing images of Natural Forests from the South East Australian region, captured by six landscape photographers.

Those six photographers were Richard Green, Rob Blakers, Heide Smith, Gordon Undy, John Reid and Wesley Stace.

This Sunday the 19th of June 2011 3pm, at the Meyer Gallery, the photographers will be talking about their work.  This will be an excellent opportunity to not only meet the exhibition’s landscape photographers but also a chance to meet other legend Australian photographers, fashion designers, journalists and artists.  You just never know who you may bump into (I had a very brief discussion with Australian legend portrait photographer and writer Brett Hilder on opening night).

A selection of the images taken from opening night:

ABC TV filming opening night of photographic exhibition 'Natural Forests'

Gordon Undy, Prue Acton and Richard Green

Prue Acton inspects Richard Green's landscape photograph at the 'Natural Forests' exhibition

Prue Acton, Neil Lanceley, Dr Bruce Fasher, Denise Salvestro, Brett Hilder

Welcome to Country  - open night of Meyer Gallery 'Natural Forests' exhibition

Opening night at Meyer Gallery of photographic exhibition 'Natural Forests'

More Photographs of opening night??  Check out Sarhn McArthur Photography’s Facebook page.


2 Comments on “Meet The ‘Natural Forests’ Landscape Photographers

  1. Terrific Images! So glad you were there! Terrific to work with such professionals! You have brought our event to life!


  2. Hi Jane,

    Not sure why but your comment didn’t appear automatically (it was sent to our spam box). I saw your comment today and quickly pulled it out of the spam box and placed it where it belonged……………….Right Here!

    It was wonderful working with you too Jane – working with great people is always a pleasure!


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