Not Your Usual Opera House Wedding Photography

With more than seven million people attending the Sydney Opera House every year, it is one of the most photographed Australian locations.

Of those seven million people, many wedding couples will make the ‘pilgrimage’ to the steps of the Opera House to have their wedding photographs captured.

The challenge for local wedding photographers who frequently photograph the Opera House, is to continually capture unique and creative images.  Each wedding, to photograph through the eyes of never seeing the Opera House ever before.  This way the wedding photographs are fresh, new and capture a sense of wonder.

This weekend I was photographing Swedish couple, Johan and Frida, who eloped to Sydney to get married.  Of course the Opera House was high on their ‘must get’ list of wedding photographs.

As I am currently not booking weddings through Sarhn McArthur Photography, Johan and Frida booked VFM Photographers (which I am the owner and director for).  I photographed Johan and Frida’s wedding for VFM Photographers.  They have been gracious in allowing me to share some of their wedding images with you.

Johan and Frida thank you and all the best for your future together.  🙂


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