Can We Do A Funny Photograph?

The number of times someone has asked me during a photography job “can you take a funny photograph of me?”, is amazing.

You are probably thinking that this question would be limited to family portraits and weddings, so would it surprise you that corporate clients equally ask for funny photos?

It appears that universally (well in Australia anyway) that we love to not take ourselves ‘too seriously’.

What I especially love about capturing ‘funny’ photographs, is watching as the participants relax in front of the camera and enjoy the experience.  It is interesting that often the client’s favourite image, is that ‘funny’ photograph.

An organisation recently hired me to photograph around 20 individual ‘head & shoulder’ portraits and a number of group team images.  After all the individual portraits were taken, the very first team group appeared and within 5 minutes asked “can we do a funny photograph too?”

With permission from that organisation, here are some of the funny photographs captured of their team groups.  Sure these images probably won’t appear on their website, business cards or flyers but hey they were fun to capture.  Maybe the images might appear on their Christmas card this year ??


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