An Alaskan Photographic Adventure

Alaska’s summer might be colder than Sydney’s winter but taking the long haul flight to visit this amazing land was so worth it!

While in Alaska, I saw and photographed sea lions, bald eagles, brown bears, humpback and orca whales.  To be so close to such wild beauty was a moving experience.

Now back in Sydney, I wanted to share some of my Alaskan images with you.

I will return to Alaska again.

Alaskan landscape by Sarhn McArthur

Iceberg by Sarhn McArthur

Orca Whale by Sarhn McArthur

Skagway township by Sarhn McArthur

Ketchikan Creek Street by Sarhn McArthur

3 Comments on “An Alaskan Photographic Adventure”

  1. Just beautiful Sarhn, it must be an amazing place. I hope to see it myself one day. Cheers, Jason Murray


    • Hey Jason, lovely to hear from you. Maybe your family and mine could catch up in Alaska and have a drink together (just like Vegas but in Alaska my friend). 🙂


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