Who is Viewing Who at the Archibald?

Have you been to this year’s Archibald exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery?  Have you ever been to the Archibald exhibition?   If not 2014 is the year to loose your Archibald ‘virginity’.  To view the paintings personally and intimately, is to be inspired and in awe of human artistic ability.  I am not just saying this because I appreciate the arts and value creativity but because for me personally, the Archibald exhibition is very special.

This week I was fortunate to have a corporate photography shoot not only inside the NSW Art Gallery but also within the Archibald exhibition itself.  Part of my photographic job brief, was to capture the event’s attendees viewing the paintings.

Not sure if it is just me but the ‘viewing’ photographs grabbed my attention – there appeared to be a juxtaposition between the actual paintings and the viewers themselves.  Leaving a question of ‘who was viewing who’?

Here is a selection of images that tickled my fancy (and also selected with consideration of the viewers privacy – as all are from their backs).

Interested in your impressions of the ‘viewing’ photographs.


Viewing Vincent Fantauzzo's 'All that is good in me' painting

Viewing Jason Benjamin 'I just wanna dream' painting

Viewing Anh Do 'Father' painting

Viewing Fiona Lowry's 'Penelope Seidler' painting

Viewing Rebecca Hastings's 'The onesie' painting

Viewing Paul Newton's 'Portrait of Frank Lowy AC' painting

Viewing Alan Jones's 'Adam' painting

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