Could Being Too Professional, Hinder Your Business Success

The one year anniversary in our family home is approaching. We have just received two correspondences, congratulating us on this mile stone.

Firstly a letter, printed officially and professionally on business letter head.  The sender was the Real Estate who sold us our home. To be honest I was expecting this letter.  Throughout the sales process this agency kept us informed every step of the way through laser printed letters – all on official letter head.  There was no doubt they had great systems.  The business was a ‘well oiled automated machine’.

In comparison,  the second correspondence was from an agent who didn’t sell us our home.  We met her while viewing another house in the area.   She rang us to follow up on that viewing, which is when we advised her the house didn’t meet our requirements and have exchanged contracts on the property around the corner.

A year later we received from that agent an unexpected, heart felt greeting card, penned in her own handwriting.  It was a simple, yet appreciated gesture. 

In comparing my reactions and ‘feelings’ towards both correspondences,  I was struck with my reaction.  I was very conscious that even though we purchased our home through agent one,  if we were to sell our home now, agent two would definitely receive a call inquiring about their services.

Professionalism and attention to detail is extremely important in business,  however if no personality or warmth is included into your business ‘systems’, you miss the opportunity to build stronger, more trusting and loyal customers.

Many business owners overlook the simple gesture of even sending personal, heart felt, greeting cards – as it is hard to quantify the success of such activities.

However business owners who send greeting cards to appreciate their clients (NOT sent for self promotion purposes) will start hearing glimpses of feedback from happy customers.   These glimpses are just the tip of the ice berg – as the total response is often unreported.


Would you like to start being a business who appreciates their customers by sending greeting cards? Give SendOutCards a try – an online greeting card store.  Select a card, write your message (there is an option to design your own card and use your own handwriting) and click send on your computer.   Your card will be physically printed and posted to any letter box in the world – a REAL greeting card (not an e-card). 

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