Create Your Christmas Cards FREE on Me

For the past six Christmases, my family have sent out a personal Christmas greeting card to our loved ones.  This was last year’s card (doubling as a moving home announcement card).


Front of our personal SendOutCards Christmas card for 2013

Inside our 2013 personal SendOutCards Christmas card


I use my SendOutCards website to create and post my Christmas cards because it is quick and easy.  I have always loved that I can use my own photographs to personalise my cards.

Recently I acquired 10 SendOutCards customer packs.  Instead of selling them, I have decided in the spirit of Christmas, that I would give them away.  YES FOR FREE.


What’s the details?

* In a customer pack you will get 100 points.  Basically this will be enough for 50 pre designed Christmas cards or just over 30 if you design the cards yourself (use your own photographs or clip art).  You then just pay for postage (you can send the cards to anywhere in the world).

What’s the catch?

* You need to let me know you want one of the customer packs to send out your Christmas cards this year – and let me know quickly (again I only have 10 to give away).


The first 10 people to let me know they want one of the FREE customer packs, will get one.

Merry Christmas – only 42 days to go!!

10 Comments on “Create Your Christmas Cards FREE on Me”

    • Hey Rob, how lovely to hear from you. You’re number one (to get a customer pack and of course my number one favourite actor too). I assume your contact details are the same? When is a good time to call you to organise your free customer pack (allow 10-15 minutes)?


  1. What a lovely thing to do Sarhn. We would love one of those packs if we are not too late. Hope you and your family are living well.
    Emma 🙂


    • Hey Emma, I would love for you to have one!! You’re going to have fun sending your Christmas cards out. I have your email & mobile number – I will contact you shortly about getting started. Enjoy 🙂


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