Early Years

My photographic journey started very early in childhood after discovering a passion for photography. I can remember even at the age of eight, being inspired by my mother’s camera. With her camera in hand, I felt I had the ability to explore the world around me. It was a way of expressing how I saw my world – through the eyes of a child.

After high school I decided to turn my hobby into a career, by entering Griffith University – The Queensland College of Art (studying part time in creative arts and photography while working full time with two professional photographers in Brisbane). It was during these years after experimenting with technique and style, that I believe I formed and established my artistic, yet natural way of photographing people.


The ‘Sarhn McArthur Photography’ Story

It was Sydney Road, Balgowlah (Sydney) that I decided to establish the Sarhn McArthur Photography’s photographic studio, after moving from Brisbane in 1996. Based here until 2004 when I turned my photographic studio into a more mobile business.

Sarhn McArthur Photography's studio when it was on Sydney Road

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I have felt privilege to be asked to travel all over Sydney and NSW. As well as frequently returning to Queensland and Melbourne, I have also captured wedding images in many wondrous locations overseas.

To be invited to capture the different stages of life is the greatest honour that I experience as a wedding and portrait photographer. To be present at a couple’s wedding and then years later to be invited to photograph their first child is a  privilege. Photographing a young lady as she leaves for her high school formal and then to be invited to capture her joy again on her wedding day. No greater privilege can I have than this as a people photographer.

In 2013 my life changed forever with the most precious gift – a beautiful baby girl.  Though photography is still important to me, being a Mum and staying home with my daughter is a priority.  My desire not to miss a moment of my daughter’s development, is ‘My Why’ for moving into other business directions – ventures that can be built from the flexibility of my home. Ventures like VFM Photographers and SendOutCards.



Many people could relate to the wide eyed, idealist, optimistic teenager I once was.  Who didn’t necessary loose her concern for the environment but none the less over time with study, career and family commitments, her ‘green’ flame was perhaps ignored.

A balance needed to be found and old flames needed to be awoken and hence I started my blog ‘GreenerMe’.

My intention is not to judge or preach a green agenda in my blog but simply be open, honest and accountable on my own personal quest to be greener.


6 Comments on “Autobiography”

  1. Website/Blog is looking good Sarhn. Every time I come back you have added something new. Love your photography work – as always!


  2. Hey, do you do parties? I have a friends 18th Birthday in a few weeks and would like to know if its possible to get some shots done just for an hour or so, just to meorise the FUN! 🙂 if you do that sort of thing could you pretty please email me at hourly rate and things like that?
    ps: love your work ❤


  3. Hi Lara,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Currently I am travelling Europe and will not be available for any photography work in January. Hope all goes well for your friends 18th bday party – have fun 🙂


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