Portrait Photography

Pre Portrait Photography Design Consultation

Whether it’s black & white, colour, sepia or cross-process film, Sarhn will talk with you so together determine exactly what you are looking for with your portraits.  Choose a special location.  You’ll tell Sarhn what you like and dislike, so she can itemise the look and feel you’re after.  Sarhn will discuss with you the colours, textures and lighting of the area with which you’ll hang your portrait (if you would love them framed).  From here she will suggest clothing and colours, so the portrait colours will balance and harmonize the feel of your home.

It’s this attention to detail which ensures your Sarhn McArthur Photography portrait will truly be a ‘Designer Portrait’ – something you won’t see in anyone else’s home.  Sarhn will go to these lengths because she realises you are investing in a unique portrait.  No two Sarhn McArthur Photography portraits look the same.  Rest assured they’ll bring comments of admiration from your friends and family for many years to come.


Every individual, couple, child and family is unique, so therefore no two portraits should ever look the same.   Sarhn loves capturing people’s personalities in photographs and not just how someone looks.   To capture the look of a mother’s face as she plays with her new born child or the unrestrained joy of a child, laughing while playing on a beach. The timeless beauty of a grandfather and his grandson can be forever remembered long after the moment has been passed because Sarhn was able to capture the bond they shared. Sarhn’s personal goal is that your photographs will make your family and friends smile forever!

Personalised Service

Sarhn McArthur Photography is a personal and exclusive studio, so right from the start you’ll be dealing directly with Sarhn McArthur.  She believes this is essential to achieve fantastic photographs for you.

You will be treated with dedication, warmth and respect.  Sarhn has over twenty years experience in portrait photography.  From the time you start your photographic session, you’ll be consulted at every step of the way.


As a preferred Sarhn McArthur Photography client, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible service and quality.  Sarhn guarantees it 100%.  If you are not happy with your final images, she will be glad to re-shoot at her expense.  If you are still not happy, she gladly refunds your investment in full.

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5 Comments on “Portrait Photography”

  1. Hello Sahrn, was surfing looking for inspiration having decided to open my studio again after a lengthy break. I’m a portrait specialist, doing mainly studio work at the moment. I like your work and will look back.



  2. Hi Sarhn,
    Thanks for the best wishes. I’m still in the process of looking for premises so hopefully won’t be long. Getting the right place isn’t the easiest task. You seem to be real busy which is nice to see.



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