Wedding Photography

In 2013 my life changed forever with the most precious gift – a beautiful baby girl.  For family and personal reasons I am currently not photographing weddings for my company, Sarhn McArthur Photography.  However I still photograph for my wedding photography company VFM Photographers. Check out VFM Photographers website, if you are seeking a professional wedding photographer for your special day.

Balmoral beach island wedding ceremonies in Sydney

Pre wedding bridal, getting ready

Capturing children naturally on a wedding day in Sydney

Bridal party photography at Luna Park Sydney

Relaxed and candid wedding photographs in Sydney

Balmoral Beach Sydney, wedding location photography

Bridal party location wedding photographs in Sydney

Sepia wedding image of Balmoral Beach Rotunda Sydney

Wedding video is down loading………….give it a sec

16 Comments on “Wedding Photography”

  1. Hi Lauren,

    Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding.

    Thanks for your comment. I have just sent you an email in regards to your wedding photography inquiry.

    Lauren enjoy the planning of your wedding (everything will go really fast and sooner than you think, your wedding day will be here).

    All the best
    P.s. I removed your email from your comment for your privacy.


  2. Hi Sarhn,
    My cousin had you as her wedding photographer and I loved your relaxed style. My wedding will be on the 28th of April 2012, would I be able to look at some prices and also some of your other wedding photos? Also do you take bartercard?
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Hi Ebru,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes I do accept bartercard but unfortunately I am not currently booking weddings for Sarhn McArthur Photography. Ebru I own the wedding photography company All photographers have a similar style to me (relaxed and natural) however this company is not with bartercard.

    Ebru who was your cousin?


    • Thanks for replying so quickly! I will check out your other company, my cousin is Kelsey Wrotniak she had her wedding a few years ago and I was her maid of honour. Thanks again!


  4. I remember you Ebru. In fact I remember everything about Kelsey’s wedding as it was such a fun wedding.

    Congratulations on your engagement Ebru – that is wonderful news. I am sure both you and Kelsey are excited. 🙂


  5. Hi Sarhn,

    We have been lucky enough to book our wedding on 10.11.2012 and I am now in need of a photographer. I have noticed in your past post Ebru mentioned Bartercard….have things changed since then as my partner and I would like to explore the possibility of using Bartercard where-ever possible. Would you be able to provide me with a quote on your weddings packages please?
    Kind Regards, Catherine


    • Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for your comment and inquiry. To answer your question yes currently I am accepting Bartercard (I emailed Ebru this update too).

      I would love to email you my wedding packages and information. Shall I email you at your gmail address that you used to leave your comment?

      If you prefer me to email you at a different address, just send me an email with your contact details (my email address is at the top of the website on the banner).

      Catherine happy to chat over the phone at any time too.

      Sarhn 🙂


    • Hi Kahlia,

      Thank you for your comment. Currently I am not photographing weddings for my company Sarhn McArthur Photography (taking it a little easier and spending a little more time at home with my baby girl). However I am still occasionally photographing weddings for my other wedding photography company

      All photographes who photograph for VFM Photographers have been hand picked by myself. They have the same relaxed style of work and the same unobtrusive and friendly manner and personality. The website has pricing, package details – everything you need to know.

      Congratulations and all the best with the planning of your wedding. Enjoy!

      Sarhn 🙂


  6. Can you please send me the price of wedding photography. I want to know. I like your work. You manage your blog in such a good way.


    • Hi Archer,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I am still not photographing weddings for my company Sarhn McArthur Photography (enjoying spending a little more time at home with my daughter). However I am still occasionally photographing weddings for my other wedding photography company

      Price lists etc can be found on the VFM Photographers website (link above).

      Congratulations on your engagement – enjoy the lead up to your wedding. 🙂


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