On the 25th of October 2006, I emailed all my friends, family, colleagues and associates, my concerns for the environment.

Their response was the real birth of my ‘Green’ journey.  Perhaps even the ‘second birth’. Many people could relate to the wide eyed, idealist, optimistic teenager I once was.  Who didn’t necessary loose her concern for the environment but none the less over time with study, career and family commitments her ‘green’ flame was perhaps ignored.

A balance needed to be found and old flames needed to be awoken and hence that email was written. Moving forward, eighteen months after that email was sent, I created a honest online journal on my journey to live a greener life – The ‘GreenerMe’ blog was born.

My intention was not (and is still not) to judge or preach a green agenda but simply be open, honest and accountable on my own personal quest to be greener.


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