Four Generations Portrait Photography

It is a rare and very special occasion to be asked to photograph four generations, for the one family.

With permission from Bonnie (aka brand new mummy) I wanted to share some of my favourite images from her photography shoot.  Five weeks old Charlie was the star of the day, lapping up all the attention from his Mum, Nan, Great Nan and even the photographer (aka me).  Charlie you are adorable!

Merry Christmas Pet Photography Portraiture

It isn’t easy having a mother who is a professional photographer.  My poor dogs, Mini and Cooper are often reluctant models for my photography ideas.

Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Mini and Cooper also wanted to say “Happy Holidays”.

Can We Do A Funny Photograph?

The number of times someone has asked me during a photography job “can you take a funny photograph of me?”, is amazing.

You are probably thinking that this question would be limited to family portraits and weddings, so would it surprise you that corporate clients equally ask for funny photos?

It appears that universally (well in Australia anyway) that we love to not take ourselves ‘too seriously’.

What I especially love about capturing ‘funny’ photographs, is watching as the participants relax in front of the camera and enjoy the experience.  It is interesting that often the client’s favourite image, is that ‘funny’ photograph.

An organisation recently hired me to photograph around 20 individual ‘head & shoulder’ portraits and a number of group team images.  After all the individual portraits were taken, the very first team group appeared and within 5 minutes asked “can we do a funny photograph too?”

With permission from that organisation, here are some of the funny photographs captured of their team groups.  Sure these images probably won’t appear on their website, business cards or flyers but hey they were fun to capture.  Maybe the images might appear on their Christmas card this year ??

Sydney Spring Bambini Photography

Middle of Spring and with Christmas around the corner, means lots of baby photography.

How can you resist those cute little cheeks, wrinkled toes and fingers, bright eyes and innocent smile?

Personally I love photographing babies once their eyes have opened because then they are interacting with their parents and myself as the photographer (around three months old).

I really do believe every baby has a totally different personality and hence desire to capture each child’s uniqueness (not the same old baby images).

The colour images below are portraits from Lachlan’s baby portrait.  You may recall I have photographed Lachlan before.

The black and white images are from Lilly’s first baby portrait.  Photographing Lilly was extra special for me, as I photographed her parent’s wedding, ten years ago.

I love my job!

Not Your Usual Opera House Wedding Photography

With more than seven million people attending the Sydney Opera House every year, it is one of the most photographed Australian locations.

Of those seven million people, many wedding couples will make the ‘pilgrimage’ to the steps of the Opera House to have their wedding photographs captured.

The challenge for local wedding photographers who frequently photograph the Opera House, is to continually capture unique and creative images.  Each wedding, to photograph through the eyes of never seeing the Opera House ever before.  This way the wedding photographs are fresh, new and capture a sense of wonder.

This weekend I was photographing Swedish couple, Johan and Frida, who eloped to Sydney to get married.  Of course the Opera House was high on their ‘must get’ list of wedding photographs.

As I am currently not booking weddings through Sarhn McArthur Photography, Johan and Frida booked VFM Photographers (which I am the owner and director for).  I photographed Johan and Frida’s wedding for VFM Photographers.  They have been gracious in allowing me to share some of their wedding images with you.

Johan and Frida thank you and all the best for your future together.  🙂

Post Cards from Las Vegas

I’m heading off to Vegas for SendOutCards (the greeting card side of my business).  I’ll be back to work in Sydney from the 25th of Aug.

Just to confirm, what happens in Vegas…………ends up on Facebook! Yes I will be sharing photographs and video of the trip shortly.

Winners of the Photographic Challenge ‘Photograph Yourself at Work’

The winners of the photographic challenge ‘Photograph Yourself at Work’ have been selected and was just announced on Sarhn McArthur Photography’s Facebook Page.

It was easy to choose as there were only three entries. 🙂 All three entries wins the yummy chocolate brownies gift pack (even though all three wish to be anonymous, I have their details to send the prize to them).

Thank you to everyone who responded to this challenge (many phone calls and emails). However I am now thinking that the challenge was probably too hard i.e. only you can be in the image (only human) and you must also be the photographer. Hence only three people succeeded in emailing me an actual entry.

Thank you to the three entries who thought outside the box and just had a little bit of fun with the challenge!

Winners of the Photographic Challenge 'Photograph Yourself at Work'

A Five Minute Child Portrait

It was a gorgeous late Autumn Sydney day (the 26th of May to be exact) and I was catching up with some very good friends who all happen to be professional photographers.

Good food, good friends and great photographic conversation.  Amongst our chatter, our children played (well those of us who had children).  I noticed Katie playing in the sun room.  I picked up my camera and captured these images in less than five minutes.  When the light is right and when children are happy, I have learnt to be quick…………as you never know how long until the light changes or children get tired.

Nothing set up, nothing planned…………just Katie playing and having fun.

Portrait photographs captured in less than five minutes

Meet The ‘Natural Forests’ Landscape Photographers

Last night I attended and photographed the opening night of the photographic exhibition, ‘Natural Forests’ at the Meyer Gallery in Darlinghurst.

The exhibition was the brainchild of Australia’s ‘Golden Girl’ of fashion design, Prue Acton.  Being a life long native forest defender, Prue envisaged showcasing images of Natural Forests from the South East Australian region, captured by six landscape photographers.

Those six photographers were Richard Green, Rob Blakers, Heide Smith, Gordon Undy, John Reid and Wesley Stace.

This Sunday the 19th of June 2011 3pm, at the Meyer Gallery, the photographers will be talking about their work.  This will be an excellent opportunity to not only meet the exhibition’s landscape photographers but also a chance to meet other legend Australian photographers, fashion designers, journalists and artists.  You just never know who you may bump into (I had a very brief discussion with Australian legend portrait photographer and writer Brett Hilder on opening night).

A selection of the images taken from opening night:

ABC TV filming opening night of photographic exhibition 'Natural Forests'

Gordon Undy, Prue Acton and Richard Green

Prue Acton inspects Richard Green's landscape photograph at the 'Natural Forests' exhibition

Prue Acton, Neil Lanceley, Dr Bruce Fasher, Denise Salvestro, Brett Hilder

Welcome to Country  - open night of Meyer Gallery 'Natural Forests' exhibition

Opening night at Meyer Gallery of photographic exhibition 'Natural Forests'

More Photographs of opening night??  Check out Sarhn McArthur Photography’s Facebook page.

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Photograph Taken?

Was it on your wedding day?  Was it a school class photograph or your high school formal portrait?  Maybe it has been so long you can not remember.

Why wait for the next big milestone of your life – that may or may not come?

This post is dedicated to a recent portrait client, Tanya.  She booked me to photograph her portrait on her actual 30th birthday.

The images were taken on and around Fairlight Beach, Sydney.  I think they capture Tanya’s spirit of life and fun.

It was an honour to meet Tanya and I had a lot of fun capturing these images for her (not sure who laughed the most when the wave came in quicker than we expected).